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Michael "Spell" Spellacy Front-end developer, designer and accessibility specialist in Allentown, PA

Wedding Anniversary

19 wonderful years of marriage to this woman! What an awesome trip it's been, too!

Morning Walk

Pennsylvania is beautiful country. This is practically in my back yard. Moments like these remind me of the Staten Island of my youth. (Where I'm originally from.) I am glad that our kids get to experience green, wide-open living, like this. Hopefully we can save it for our grandkids.

Galaxian Side Art Has Arrived!

Of course, I'm nowhere near being able to apply it yet, but it still has me excited! So sexy!

CSS Is Awesome

I often use this picture at the end of presentations that I produce. The original work is from a coffee rationing campaign during World War 2. The edit is mine, of course, and always gives me a little chuckle.

There's No Place Like

I own a lot of interesting, programming oriented coffee mugs. This is one of them.

Coming Soon: The Galaxian Restoration

This is the arcade cabinet that I am currently restoring. Isn't it lovely? I used to pump so many quarters into these things! I hope to finish it this summer, so expect a lot of detailed posts about it in the coming months! If you think it looks bad now, you should have seen it a few months ago!

Enter the IndieWeb

I have been spending a lot of time lately, exploring the IndieWeb. I dig the idea of owning my online presence and content. I will post more as I learn about it, but today I was able to get IndieAuth and Micropubs working on this site, which is run via Jekyll (GitHub Pages). I’m pretty happy with it so far. Next up are Webmentions. That looks hard.

Curb Repeal

Happen to notice anything missing from this curb ramp? A sidewalk perhaps?!? This was taken near my home in Allentown, PA on May 7th, 2019. The work is complete, too. No plans, to my knowledge, to add a sidewalk here. Nice one, City of Allentown!

Accessibility is a Human Need

Most people I encounter seek to handle web accessibility in the same way—by throwing a lot of tools at it. Tools are great, but until you realize accessibility is a human need, all the tools in the world aren’t going to help you succeed in getting better at it.

Accessibility Tip: Open Graph Image Alt

Accessibility Tip: If you use og:image on your site, don't forget og:image:alt. ;-)

My New Email Signature

Things I am considering adding to my work email signature:

  • Did you clear your browser cache?
  • Does the client need IE8 support?
  • No, you can't have widgets.
  • No carousels without an exceptionally good reason.
  • No. Just no.
  • Web standards.